harassmentDIGNITY AT WORK:

Everyone deserves it.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is widespread in the American workplace - threatening the dignity of hard working employees.  It ranges from derogatory comments to unwanted sexual advances - sometimes even progressing to threats and sexual assault. Sexual harassment has particularly negative consequences for workers who cannot afford to have their livelihoods threatened.  If you've been subjected to sexual harassment at work, you don't have to be a victim.  

We Are Listening. 

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  • Make it Stop.  If we are retained early enough, we can sometimes convince your employer to intervene on your behalf.  The harasser may be fired or relocated, or if you desire, you may be moved to a different location.  We'll help you through the process, and make sure your employer follows the law throughout.
  • Negotiate an Exit.  In many harassment cases, our clients simply wish to get ou  We can often negotiate an exit package that preserves your reputation, your access to unemployment benefits, and your ability to get a new job.  We also press for confidentiality when our clients desire to keep the issue quiet.
  • Confidential Settlements.  Sexual harassment cases are especially sensitive.  Our clients are often scared or ashamed.  We treat our clients with extra care and compassion, and make sure that our legal strategies address the special confidentiality issues associated with sexual harassment.

Harassment Lawsuits.  If your employer is unwilling to negotiate an out-of-court resolution, a lawsuit may be in order.  We represent sexual harassment clients in court, in arbitrations, and in front of the EEOC.  Sometimes, taking legal action can bring justice and balance to an unfair situation. We'll make sure you understand all of the risks and benefits involved, and if you decide to sue, we'll stand beside you each step of the way.  

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